The Cuban Joan Fernández Cabrera (Cantaleta) , is currently a member of Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus, according to experts one of the largest and most famous of all American circuses.

For eight years Fernández Cabrera has been working his clown career in companies around the globe as the Belarusian State Circus, the Metropole in France and the National Circus of Cuba. His characterization inspired in silent comedies by Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy has earned him great recognition that allows him stand out today in the new production of the Ringling Brothers.

The show, entitled “Legends of the Fall, joy and pride,” combines artists from around the world and takes a trip with European mythology fantastic creatures like the Unicorn and Pegasus, for example. Here the young clown is accompanied by his pet bear Mususi in an enriched performance since the time when he was 18 and decided by the complex art of making people laugh.

In addition to his skills of facial and bodily expression, Cantaleta enjoys acrobatics and impersonation of his own performance. According to what he says, participating in the latest blockbuster of Ringling Brother is a dream come true because of the undeniable aura of the circus. He also said he was very proud to represent thus the imprinting of the National Circus of Cuba every time he enters the stage transformed into Cantaleta.

(With information from the National Circus of Cuba)


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